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7 Steps to Feeling Better About the Body You're in Right Now

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Welcome to the Embodied and Well Motherhood Movement!

First of all, hello! Welcome to a wellness community that is unlike any other out there for moms. We care about your well-being as a whole person. We don’t get caught up on individual superfoods, eating clean or losing weight. Instead, we look at your health from a mind-body-soul perspective. If you’ve found yourself here, you’re either just dipping your toe in the water of mind-body wellness or you’ve already cannon-balled into the pool. Either way, you’re welcome here!

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The Embodied and Well Mom Show is changing the conversation about food, body image and motherhood! If you’re ready for authentic, real-life discussions with moms and experts that help you embrace – not fight -your body, food and life, you’ll love the show! Check out over 30 episodes that are already published!

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From mindfulness, to body image, to family meal planning, I have plenty of free support for moms who are ready to ditch the scale, feel grounded with food and start showing up to their lives with more presence and peace. Check out the additional free resources! 


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