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Finding Holiday Food Peace

Busy Mom's Starter Guide to Making Peace with Food
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No matter what holiday you’re celebrating this season, food will be part of it. I know this because across the world, food is used to connect us to each other and our celebration – oftentimes providing symbolic meaning.

So, how did something so meaningful become a source of stress and worry? We’ll be diving into that in this episode!

This episode is actually the first of a 5 part audio series to help you find peace with food this holiday season.

Each audio will be short and to the point, because I know that time isn’t exactly plentiful around this time of the year (less than 20 min each).

We’ll be covering the following…

-Why food is so tough during the holidays and what you can do about it

– Steps to finding peace with food during the holidays

– What happens if you overdo it?

– How to determine if you’re eating emotionally or emotionally eating

– How to know when to say yes and no + cope ahead


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