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7 Steps to Feeling Better About the Body You're in Right Now

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Reheating that coffee. Changing that diaper. Wiping those tears. Working your butt off.

I’m glad you’re here because I want you to know you’re not alone. I know that you’re a smart, successful, “I have my stuff together” kind of woman.

I know that you’re resourceful, tough and resilient.

I know you’re a freaking amazing mother and that some days you have a real hard time remembering that.

But then…there’s food.

Ugh…food is where things start to sort of fall apart.

You’ve done the counting-the-points thing, the 30-day detox thing, all the things that tell you don’t already have a beach-worthy body…

But all those programs seem to keep leading to the same place. A place of frustration, dissatisfaction…but you still lack the answers to how to move beyond that cycle.

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“I love that this group offers positive support that you can’t find anywhere else online! The supportive messages around self-care, food, movement and more is what all mamas need to hear and aren’t. A healthy mama takes care of herself mentally and physically in the right way for her, and Lindsay and the other mamas reinforce that. – Claire Meier, Facebook Community Member


I’m Lindsay Stenovec – founder of The Embodied & Well Motherhood Collective

You can think of me as your combo nutrition therapist, food behavior decoder & body mindset mentor! As a non-diet registered dietitian, I help moms get off of the diet rollercoaster and re-focus on their health, well-being and self-care. I live to witness that “aha” moment when women realize they don’t have to buy into the dieting BS anymore.

I want moms to know there’s another option. You. Can. Opt. Out.

You were made for more than points, pounds and perfect eating plans.

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“The structure and content in this program is perfect for moms—enough to provide real support and contribute to meaningful progress, but not so much that it is overwhelming. I see an IE RD, and this is a great supplement to that. Many IE groups and programs aren’t geared toward the realities of mom life, so this is perfect.” – Intuitive Eating Moms Club Member

Here are a few of our favorite Embodied & Well Mom Show episodes…

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I love this podcast! It’s so refreshing to hear the challenges other women faced as they become moms and to learn strategies to take care of bodies, minds, and emotions. You can tell Lindsay has a real passion for her work and helping moms. Keep the episodes coming.


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Embodied & Well Motherhood Principles


We’re designed to mother together. Modern living doesn’t always make that possible. In our closed Facebook group we talk about everything from finding a supportive nursing bra to mindful eating to experiences with postpartum sleep deprivation. We offer you the opportunity to get support from fellow moms with intuitive eating, pregnancy and post-baby nutrition, body image, child feeding and more. We also offer the option to enroll as a member in our Intuitive Eating Moms Club – non-diet wellness made simple for moms.

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Our world bombards us with plenty of “shoulds” and “shouldn’t’s” when it comes to food, exercise, and parenting. Sometimes advice is helpful and necessary but not all advice is a good fit for everyone. Being connected to yourself, your values and your authentic needs help you filter through helpful and harmful information out there. Instead of feeling like a ping pong ball bouncing from “wellness” advice to nutrition fad – start first with a look within. You have more wisdom than you may realize and we’re here to help you discover and re-connect with it.


No more points, measuring, weighing and monitoring. No more feeling bad about what you ate or looking at exercise like it’s a chore. We are unapologetically focused on wellness that does not involve dieting. This is a community that is free of diet and weight loss banter and full of body acceptance, intuitive eating, guilt-free enjoyment of food, and seeking movement that feels good!

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Tired of spending your precious time, energy and money on hating your body? We are too. It’s time for a wellness focus that helps you feel better about the body you are in right now. Yes, that’s possible. Immersing yourself in a community of positive body talk and genuine conversations about the struggles of body image in #momlife is crucial to body respect and acceptance.

Join the community of moms

who want these things too for themselves, their families and the world.

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