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7 Steps to Feeling Better About the Body You're in Right Now

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Intuitive Eating for Moms

-Starter Series-

A FREE audio and video series to explore emotions, appetite and motherhood.



Reheating that coffee. Changing that diaper. Wiping those tears. Working your butt off.

I'm glad you're here because I want you to know you're not alone. I know that you're a smart, successful, "I have my stuff together" kind of woman.

I know that you're resourceful, tough and resilient.

I know you're a freaking amazing mother and that some days you have a real hard time remembering that.

But then...there's food. is where things start to sort of fall apart.

You've done the counting-the-points thing, the 30-day detox thing, all the things that tell you don't already have a beach-worthy body...

But all those programs seem to keep leading to the same place. A place of frustration, dissatisfaction...but you still lack the answers to how to move beyond that cycle.

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"I love that this group offers positive support that you can't find anywhere else online! The supportive messages around self-care, food, movement and more is what all mamas need to hear and aren't. A healthy mama takes care of herself mentally and physically in the right way for her, and Lindsay and the other mamas reinforce that. - Claire Meier, Facebook Community Member


I’m Lindsay Stenovec - founder of The Embodied Motherhood Collective

You can think of me as your combo nutrition therapist, food behavior decoder & body mindset mentor! As a non-diet registered dietitian, I help moms get off of the diet rollercoaster and re-focus on their health, well-being and self-care. I live to witness that “aha” moment when women realize they don’t have to buy into the dieting BS anymore.

I want moms to know there’s another option. You. Can. Opt. Out.

You were made for more than points, pounds and perfect eating plans.


that tell you your mama bod isn't good enough.

It's time to find a way of eating that aligns with your values of living a life full of passion, empowerment and the freedom to be authentically YOU.

It’s time to live a full and joy-filled life where food and your body aren’t a continual distractor.

It’s time to model for your kids how to embrace and celebrate this physical body we are all given.

Mama...learning how to make food an enjoyable part of your life instead of a restrictive part can really change...well...everything.

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"I love having a community where we can openly talk about subjects that may seem to go against the social norm: topics like healthy body image, self-care, and eating intuitively, all while having a little fun." - Natalie Hughes, Facebook Community Member

Here are a few of our favorite Embodied & Well Mom Show episodes...

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I love this podcast! It's so refreshing to hear the challenges other women faced as they become moms and to learn strategies to take care of bodies, minds, and emotions. You can tell Lindsay has a real passion for her work and helping moms. Keep the episodes coming.



who want these things too for themselves, their families and the world.