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We all want to be good moms, so we set the bar high. In fact, our expectations are SO elevated that we end up neglecting ourselves in order to put the baby first. But what if the moments we think of as mom fails are actually beneficial to our kiddos? What if ‘good enough mothering’ is a good thing for our families? What if—sometimes—it’s okay just to show up?

Corinne Crossley is a psychotherapist and mother of two whose practice focuses on helping people heal their relationships with their bodies. She holds a master’s in Counseling Psychology from Lesley University. Jessica Foley is a licensed mental health and professional clinical counselor whose practice centers around supporting women in developing a healthy relationship with their bodies. She earned her master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University. Together, Jessica and Corinne host the Momma Bites! Podcast to help moms eat mindfully ‘one animal cracker at a time.’


Today, Jessica and Corinne join us to explain how they came to work with moms and share the common struggles among their client base. They discuss how guilt and perfectionism lead moms to neglect themselves—especially when it comes to eating. Jessica introduces the concept of ‘good enough mothering’ and Corinne offers insight around giving yourself permission to do less. Listen in for advice on reassessing your basic needs and learn how failing in manageable ways can actually benefit your kids!


Key Takeaways


Jessica’s path to working with moms

  • Focus on women (mental, reproductive health)
  • First mom client struggled with mood disruption
  • Trained with The Postpartum Stress Center


Corinne’s path to working with moms

  • First client struggled with binge eating disorder
  • Becoming mom changed experience of work
  • Focus on how take care of bodies as parents


What issues moms are struggling with most

  • Guilt and perfectionism
  • Postpartum anxiety
  • Body image


How these common struggles show up

  • Moms neglect selves (eating first to go)
  • See eating as something we must earn
  • Use food to supplement other needs


Jessica & Corrine’s advice for moms with self-care challenges

  • Reassess basics and get support
  • Cultivate self-compassion
  • Set intention for self-care
  • Give self permission to do LESS


The idea of ‘good enough mothering’

  • Coined by researcher DW Winnicott
  • Benefits to manageable failure
  • Sometimes okay to just show up


How to adjust your expectations based on the circumstances

  • What’s good enough in this moment?
  • No ‘perfect,’ just what’s right for you
  • Foster flexibility in thinking
  • Pay attention to what’s good


The benefits around failing in manageable ways

  • Promotes independence and trust
  • Kids have different perception of ‘failure’


Check out Momma Bites!

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