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7 Steps to Feeling Better About the Body You're in Right Now

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Paige Smathers is a registered dietitian nutritionist in private practice in Salt Lake City, UT who specializes in helping people heal their relationship with food. She serves those who struggle with disordered eating, chronic dieting and family feeding concerns. She works individually with clients to help create sustainable and realistic solutions for well-being from a holistic perspective—mental, emotional, physical and all other areas of well-being are integrated into nutrition therapy sessions with clients pursuing nutrition and behavior changes. Paige also provides coaching for registered dietitians who want to incorporate intuitive eating and body positivity into their practice, but aren’t sure how to do it.

Serving the community at large, Paige has created a successful online course that helps bridge the gap from chronic dieting to intuitive eating. The course educates about nutrition and well-being, encourages participants to embrace where they are with their health now and in the past, and empowers participants to unlock their inner wisdom and become their own eating expert. Paige is also the proud host of a successful podcast, Nutrition Matters Podcast, which reaches tens of thousands of listeners every month. The podcast focuses specifically on intuitive eating, body positivity, and recovery from struggles with food and bodies.








  • Paige talks about the things that stood out to her with respect to food an body image. Her experience reinforced that feeling good in your own skin has nothing to do with your body size and how much you weigh.
  • She talks about her work with families and feeding. She does a fair amount of work with parents in helping them figure out the feeding relationship in a way that’s helpful for the child. She is often working one-on-one with parents in creating an environment that’s conducive for child to naturally honor those hunger cues and fullness cues and in how to be positive with food.
  • In this episode, Paige also discussed Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility in terms of the feeding relationship. According to her (and I see this too), so many of the struggles with food are a result of kids doing the adult’s job or the adults doing the kid’s job.



Educate, Embrace, Empower – is a 10-week, self-guided online course taught by a registered dietitian nutritionist that teaches you how to unlock your inner wisdom to become your own eating expert. It consists of video trainings, templates, guided exercises and worksheets designed to help you heal your relationship with food and your body.

All of the training is online, contained in the members-only course website. The information and tools in this course are the exact methods used with individual clients to help them heal their relationship with food. Online training is convenient, cost-effective and flexible. Course members can access the course material day or night and can go at their own pace.

You can go and check out her online course –




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