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Liz is an entrepreneur who owns a nutrition consulting business, Shaw’s Simple Swaps, and is the founder of the online infertility support community, Bumps to Baby. She’s a freelance writer for Shape, Fitness, Self, Fit Pregnancy and other outlets, as well as an author of the upcoming Fertility Foods cookbook. Liz lives in sunny San Diego and you can find her doing anything and everything outdoors! She’s an avid hiker and enjoys the lost pastime of roller blading! In her free time, you’ll find her in the kitchen, whipping up the next Shaw Kitchen creation with her husband, dubbed Mr. CEO, or the certified eating officer, of Shaw Simple Swaps!



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Episode Summary:

Liz is a registered dietitian who she runs her own nutrition communications business. Most of her clients are from the food service industry and the communication side of the field. Oftentimes, Liz creates recipes on her blog Shaw Simple Swaps.

On the other hand, Liz also shares about her other big passion that has grown over the last couple of years. She runs a second website called Bumps to Baby where her purpose is to create a community to support people who are struggling with infertility.

Liz has a desire to be a voice for people who aren’t ready to speak about what they are going through. Infertility can be isolating so her goal is to make sure that every woman feels that they are not alone. Since she started Bumps to Baby, Liz has started to feel a sense of belongingness that she is not alone by being with these women who also want the same thing as her. She believes that if one can try to be positive, then the positivity is going to be contagious.

Expectations and Experiences after launching Bumps to Baby:

When asked about the things she never expected when she started her Bumps to Baby community, she simply quoted, “There’s so much love!” Through Bumps to Baby, Liz met so many wonderful women through various social media platforms wherein she had the chance to share intimate conversations with them.


When asked about how did she find ways to care for herself?

  • Knowing when she needed to be alone – She considers it as a very important factor in her fertility journey. Having time alone is a form of self-care wherein she allows herself not to stress about doing too much or being with others. For Liz, it’s all about slowing down your pace, taking time to sit and just relax even by just watching a TV show or simply reading a book.

Quotes from the episode:

“If you’ve struggled with anything, again, it doesn’t have to be infertility, you have wounds and you have this story to tell and you have something that someone else out there can relate to — don’t feel alone in it.” – [37:19]

“Everyone has their story and don’t feel that your story isn’t as important as the next person because it is and someone else can relate to it.” – [37:40]

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Fertility Foods Cookbook


You may order T-shirts directly from the bumps to baby website!

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