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Meet our Guests:

Wendy Jo Peterson, MS, RDN:

Wendy Jo is a nutrition and wellness expert who bounces between California, Texas, and Europe. She is a master’s level registered dietitian, nationally recognized speaker, and culinary nutritionist. Wendy Jo co-authored Born To Eat: Whole Foods From Baby’s First Bite, Mediterranean Diet Cookbook For Dummies, and Adrenal Fatigue For Dummies. When she’s not whipping up new recipes, hiking, or hanging out with her family; you can find Wendy Jo using her social media channels to deliver science-based, lifestyle and wellness messages with a dash of sass. To learn more about Wendy Jo, visit





Product:         Born to Eat Book


Leslie Schilling, MA, RDN, CSSD:

Through her years as a dietitian and nutrition expert, Leslie has practiced in many settings including infant nutrition, general pediatrics, and children with special health care needs. In addition, she focuses her own private practice on counseling families, those of all ages with disordered eating issues, and professional athletes and performers. With her warm, compassionate, and entertaining personality, Leslie been featured in Women’s Health, BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, USNews, and HGTV.

She is also the co-founder of RDs for Body Confidence, a non-diet and healthy body-image initiative for registered dietitians and nutrition students throughout North America and Australia. She owns Schilling Nutrition, a private nutrition and wellness coaching business and an online dinner menu planning service. When she’s not counseling, writing, cooking, or hanging out with her family; you can find Leslie using her social media channels and speaking platforms to deliver science-based, non-diet lifestyle and wellness messages with a dash of humor. Her most recent endeavor was coauthoring the book Born to Eat.



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Episode Summary


  • In this podcast,Wendy shares about her difficult pregnancy, a big move from San Diego to Germany and her family’s adjustments while raising a toddler, living in a different culture, and finding time to work and write.

Transition to Motherhood:

  • Wendy shares about her long journey before getting her daughter Anya.She struggled with years infertilityand also suffered from hyperemesis during her entire pregnancy.
  • Wendy shares how difficult it was to deal with hyperemesis and how often other people did not understand what she was going through. She shared how grateful she was for the support from her husband —

                “Men, was he my rock during that time.” ([05:37])

                “And really, at that point, you didn’t wanna see anybody because you just, ‘I felt horrible.’” ([05:46])   – Wendy 

               “I mean, not until my 39th week, did I actually start to feel good. And it was never food. Food never made me sick. It wasn’t the idea of eating that made me sick.“([06:31]) –Wendy

  • Just few days after giving birth, Wendy had to face another challenge – the deployment of her husband. It was a tough time for Wendy, who, at that time, didn’t received much support in those challenging days. On a brighter side, she highlights the one precious gift she had from her pregnancy

                   “Breastfeeding for me was easy.” [08:44]


  • Wendy explains what baby-led weaning is about and also the process that comes along with it. She says:

            “It’s whole foods from baby’s first bite.” And what that means is we basically ditched the idea that we needed to puree foods unless the food is naturally pureed or puree-type texture, and the baby’s self-fed.  ([26:55])

  • Wendy added that the big thing with baby-led is identifying choking versus gagging on a child’s ability to self-feed and self-regulate.

            “The biggest thing I love about baby-led weaning is that you are at the plate with them, eating and enjoying the same meal. They are watching and learning from you – the language you’re using, describing the food, embracing the food, enjoying the moment, and early on they’re watching you chew. ([29:12])


  • Leslie shares about her experiences with moving from Nashville to Las Vegas and the uncertainty of their move. Currently, Leslie is in Las Vegas doing sports nutrition, just co-authored Born to Eat, and is doing some nutrition counseling.

Transition to Motherhood:

  • For Leslie, she feels she was lucky to get pregnant easily. At 27 weeks Leslie began to face some serious challenges. She experienced preterm labor and ended up in the hospital and was put on bed rest. She explains in her story how her preterm labor resulted in magnesium toxicity.
  • She also shares about her Caesarean section delivery that resulted in her losing a large amount of blood due to complications caused by fibroids. Her blood pressure sunk and it was a near death experience for Leslie. Thankfully, the baby was delivered safe and Leslie was saved. However, the pain block didn’t work for her and she woke up from a Caesarean section with no pain medication. Leslie is grateful for the advancement in medicine because it allowed she and her daughter survived.Due to this intensely traumatic experience, it has been a long road of recovery for Leslie and we’re thankful she was willing to share her story with us.


  • Leslie and her husband started feeding solid foods to their daughter and using baby led weaning to enhance the innate ability of their baby to self-regulate and to establish autonomy when it comes to self-feeding.
  • She also mentioned that you can watch the child’s behavior and cues as their way of telling you when they are ready to eat or when they’re also finished. Those are innate cues that the baby is trying to tell you and as parents, you need to be able to support that.

          “But really it’s about fostering their ability to self-regulate and self-feed, so they can gain their own skills and their own body trust.” ([33:33])

          “But I think it’s our job as parents and adults to teach children how to use all foods regardless of the nutritional value in a healthy way.” ([37:13])

          “Let’s teach them how to deal with it. Yeah, are there foods that have different nutritional values than others?Absolutely. But it’s our job to teach them how to deal with foods in a healthy way.”  ([38:05])

About the #BORNTOEAT book

  • Leslie mentioned that in the Born to Eat Book, they try to pair the convenience foods together with the whole foods. They don’t want anybody to feel like they’re doing wrong.
  • The book encourages readers to have their eyes open about diet culture in our own food industry. They discussed about being aware of the diet culture and using our own filters to protect and educate our kids.
  • They did a great job of teaching people how to create a dialogue with all caregivers and all people that may be around the plate with your child.

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