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7 Steps to Feeling Better About the Body You're in Right Now

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Natalie Hughes is a personal branding stylist and fashion trend expert who specializes in dressing female entrepreneurs. Natalie believes women’s wardrobes should mirror their ambitions and build on the inner confidence and clout they use to run effective businesses.

Natalie started dressing women fifteen years ago in a high-end clothing store. Her instinctual approach and keen eye to style built her a book of regular, diversified clients. Wanting to grow her business, she started her own personal styling service, Individual Style by Natalie Hughes.

Natalie believes there is a unique style for every woman that can best represent her inner power. Allow Natalie to share her gift so you can get back to yours: building a thriving company.



FB Group:

Instagram:       @istylebynatalie

Twitter:           @istylebynatalie

Episode Summary:

Natalie Hughes is a Personal Wardrobe Stylist specializing in dressing women entrepreneurs. In this episode, Natalie shares about her philosophies, how she started dressing either in personal or virtual basis. She also shared a lot of things she had learned over the years of her styling career.

Natalie learned that she learns a lot about women when they feel good about what they’re wearing – and that is going to look different for every woman. This made her fall in love with fashion, personal style, and dressing women because she finds it to be a way to help empower them to feel really good about themselves.

  • She believes that as a woman we need to celebrate the body we’re in and treat it with respect.
  • Natalie shares her thoughts about using clothing as a way to express our inner self to the world. She believes what you feel inwardly is affected outwardly by your clothing and vice versa.


Clothing is a very powerful tool that we can use to portray who we are and how we’re feeling. ([08:25])



In this episode, Natalie provides advice on how to dress during times of body change – like pregnancy & postpartum. She emphasizes that during any time of transition, buying clothing & accessories that can serve multiple purposes can help with budget. She encourages listeners to shop intentionally and to purchase items that will bring a little bit of joy.


Natalie talks about having a wardrobe capsule by taking basic pieces and maximizing their use – taking each piece and making sure that you’re using it the maximum amount of ways that you can.

            “The more items we have in our closet, the harder it is to find something to wear.” ([26:59])

Natalie encourages women to let go of items that don’t fit them or to put them in storage until they’re ready to let them go. Keeping clothing that doesn’t fit in dressers and closets not only clutters the space, making it more difficult to make a decision but can also be triggering for anyone dealing with negative body image.


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