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As a WordStylist & Business Strategist, Judy Tsuei works with wild hearted female entrepreneurs to brand their story beautifully — and to get seen! Being authentic is becoming increasingly important in our online world, and Judy shares the tips, tools, and insights on how to attract your ideal clients in a way that converts to genuine revenue — all by working happier, rather than harder through her signature programs. Learn more at




  • Judy developed an eating disorder in her teenage years. She shares her story of treatment, recovery,  re-finding herself and how this carried over to her motherhood journey.
  • Judy talks about her experience in finding the things that she wanted to do as a writer. Prior to becoming a writer, she had worked for big companies where she was doing well, yet she knew that her heart wasn’t in it. Her purpose of serving the world had to be tied to being authentic, open, and part of that is to keep sharing her and other’s stories.
  • She also shared her experiences while living in Kauai where she met her husband, made it through a pregnancy with hyperemesis and also created a group to find community and support.
  • Judy share her thoughts on how as a woman, by giving yourself the permission to be wild and free.
  • Judy talks about her experience of going through depression and postpartum depression and how she overcame it. She makes an important point of seeking professional help (from a trained mental health professional) and how her family encouraged her to seek that care. Other complimentary experiences and treatments included acupuncture and returning to yoga.
  • She ended the episode by giving a piece of advice :

“Do not beat yourself up. Took it with compassion and grace.”


“Create the Brand of You” and “Six Figure Storytelling” programs.


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