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During pregnancy and postpartum, your relationship with food changes and your body transforms. This shift is challenging for nearly all new moms, but if you have a history of anxiety, depression, or an eating disorder, that adds another layer of complexity to an already difficult process. So, what kind of support do you need if you are in recovery as you transition into motherhood?

Dr. Linda Shanti is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in San Francisco. She specializes in recovery from eating disorders, body image challenges, anxiety, postpartum depression, and new mom support. Linda is also a well-known speaker and author of the book The Recovery Mama Guide to Your Eating Disorder Recovery in Pregnancy and Postpartum. With 20 years of experience in the realm of compulsive eating, emotional eating, binge eating, bulimia, and anorexia, she is committed to helping women leverage expressive arts, mindfulness, and compassionate mirroring to support recovery in pregnancy and postpartum.

On this episode of The Embodied & Well Mom Show, Linda joins us to explain the proactive approach she took to get support during her own pregnancy, discussing the way her anxiety presented as irritability, anger, and hypervigilance. She shares her experience with both food and body image during pregnancy and postpartum and describes how she supports women in decoding the myths around ‘getting your body back.’ Listen in to understand Linda’s approach to working with new moms in recovery—and learn to quiet your overdeveloped self-critic in favor of self-compassion!

Key Takeaways


Linda’s proactive approach to getting support during her own pregnancy

  • Brought up history of anxiety, eating disorder at first appointment
  • Surprised by irritable depression, rage and hypervigilance

The challenge of supporting a partner with irritable depression

  • Looks like pushing away, want to be alone

Linda’s experience with food during pregnancy and postpartum

  • Disconcerting ravenous hunger
  • Nausea in first trimester (calmed by eating)

Linda’s experience with body image during pregnancy

  • Drastic hormonal shifts led to BIG feelings
  • Fun to have baby bump in middle of process
  • Very rough at end, ‘carting around boulder’

How Linda supports clients around postpartum body image

  • Work through grief process
  • Decode myths re: diet culture, getting body back

How Linda works with moms in recovery from eating disorders

  • Reframe independence as interdependence
  • Address overdeveloped self-critic
  • Reassess schedule, lower the bar on expectations

Linda’s advice for overachieving first-time moms

  • You will come back, have time to self again

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The Recovery Mama Guide to Your Eating Disorder Recovery in Pregnancy and Postpartum by Linda Shanti McCabe


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