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My Kid Has a Food Allergy and I Need Support

My Kid Has a Food Allergy and I Need Support

Busy Mom's Starter Guide to Making Peace with Food
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If you have a child with a newly diagnosed food allergy, you are likely consumed with learning as much as you can to keep your kiddo safe and healthy. This may also mean that you are neglecting your own self-care in order to take on the extra responsibility of eliminating allergens from your home and meeting with daycare providers and school administrators to develop a plan for your child. What can you do to take care of yourself during this challenging time?

Diana Rice, RD, is a nationally recognized nutrition professional and family health expert. She is passionate about communicating effective and evidence-based strategies that incorporate good nutrition into the challenges of modern-day life. Prior to launching her consultancy, Diana served as the Associate Director of Nutrition Communications at The Monday Campaigns, where she spearheaded the Kids Cook Monday initiative. Now she focuses on perinatal, infant and child nutrition, and food allergies, working directly with families to implement practical strategies for improved health. Diana is also a frequent contributor to national media publications, including Parents, The Huffington Post, and Everyday Health, among many others.

Today, Diana joins us to describe how a child’s food allergy diagnosis impacts the entire family. She shares the professional advice around introducing allergens early and often, explaining the ‘mom guilt’ she felt for not doing everything she could to reduce her own child’s risk. Diana also walks us through the steps she took to manage her daughter’s allergy to peanuts and tree nuts and offers advice for parents on reaching out for the support you need. Listen in for Diana’s insight into why food allergies are so much more complex than simply eliminating a particular food from your diet—and learn how to advocate for your child AND take care of yourself as an allergy mom!

Key Takeaways


Diana’s transition to motherhood

  • Smooth process with first daughter (support network)
  • Relocated when second daughter just 3 weeks old
  • Started to slack on self-care, developed anxiety

Diana’s second daughter’s health issues

  • Introduced potential allergens ‘early and often’
  • Diagnosis of allergy to peanuts and tree nuts

How Diana responded to her daughter’s food allergies

  • Eliminate foods manufactured on shared lines
  • Meetings with daycare providers, school
  • Research around brands with dedicated facilities

The professional advice around introducing allergens

  • Prompted by study of Israeli kids in UK and Israel
  • Introduce potential allergens early to reduce risk

Diana’s mom guilt around her daughter’s allergies

  • Couldn’t say ‘did everything I could’
  • Tell self that your best is enough

The responsibility of managing a child’s food allergies

  • Challenge usually falls to mom
  • Focus on child’s needs AND own self-care

Diana’s insight on navigating your child’s food allergies

  • Recognize that diagnosis affects whole family
  • Get support you need (e.g.: therapist, dietician)

Diana’s advice for parents of children with allergies

  • Identify anxiety triggers (i.e.: grocery shopping)
  • Connect with other allergy parents
  • Set aside time to dig through info
  • Talk through concerns with partner

How parents of kids without allergies can provide support

  1. Understand risks of cross-contamination
  2. Respect school policies re: outside food
  3. Cultivate empathy for families with food allergies
  4. Don’t give child food without parent permission
  5. Celebrate with non-food alternatives (e.g.: stickers)

Diana’s top tip for food allergy moms

  • There’s no shame in being ‘that mom’
  • You deserve to advocate for family’s health


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Diana’s Website

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Born to Eat: Whole, Healthy Foods from Baby’s First Bite by Wendy Jo Peterson and Leslie Schilling

Peanut Allergy Study in Israel vs. the UK

Diana’s Halloween Food Allergy Article


Navigating Family Meal Challenges

Navigating Family Meal Challenges

Busy Mom's Starter Guide to Making Peace with Food
Get the 5 day audio course!

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Lauren Sharifi on embodied and well mom show graphic


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The struggle is real when it comes to keeping the whole family happy at mealtime. How do you make sure everyone is eating without turning into a short-order cook? How do you encourage kids to eat without pressuring them? What is the best way—realistically—to get kids involved in meal prep?


Lauren Sharifi is a registered dietician and nutritionist with a passion for helping families make eating fun, simple and nourishing. In addition to being the mom of a toddler, she serves as a nutrition coach in private practice in the Boston area, offering nutrition counseling, medical nutrition therapy and meal planning services. Lauren’s food philosophy aligns with intuitive eating principles, and she takes a Health at Every Size approach to nutrition. She also teaches children’s cooking classes at Kids’ Test Kitchen  and shares easy-to-make, family-friendly recipes on her blog, Bite of Health Nutrition.


Today, Lauren joins us to explain how the transition to motherhood helped her find her niche as a dietician and share her new focus on families, kids and intuitive eating. She offers advice around age-appropriate ways to get kids involved in meal prep and encouraging kids to eat without provoking anxiety—in the parent or child! Listen in for Lauren’s insight on leveraging ‘division of responsibility’ to make sure everyone is eating at mealtime and learn how to navigate the most common family meal challenges.


Key Takeaways


Lauren’s transition to motherhood

  • Harder, more rewarding than expected
  • Helped find career niche as dietician


The evolution of Lauren’s career

  • Shift from hospital to working one-on-one
  • Feeding son + intuitive eating research
  • Private practice to focus on families/kids


How to get kids involved in meal prep

  • Play with bowl, spoon when very young
  • Pick night to get involved (i.e.: pour, mix)
  • Add more responsibilities for older kids
  • Small steps (e.g.: exposure to equipment)


Lauren’s insight on considering preferences

  • Each family member picks meal
  • Prep one food each person will eat
  • Structured choices at grocery store


Lauren’s advice on encouraging kids to eat

  • Be there and eat with child
  • Cook different way, add sauce
  • Different ways to get nutrients


What to do if kids are hungry just before a meal

  • Eaten in past hour or two—wait
  • Three hours or more, offer fruit/vegies


Connect with Lauren


Bite of Health Nutrition

Bite of Health on Facebook

Lauren on Instagram

Lauren on Twitter


Connect with Lindsay


Intuitive Eating Moms

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Kids’ Test Kitchen

Ellyn Satter Institute

Division of Responsibility

Books by Ellyn Satter

Intuitive Eating Moms Club


Social Blurbs

The struggle is real when it comes to keeping the whole #family happy at #mealtime. How do you make sure everyone is #eating without turning into a short-order cook? How do you encourage #kids to eat without pressuring them? What is the best way—realistically—to get kids involved in #mealprep? Listen in as RD Lauren Sharifi of @BiteofHealthNutrition explains how to navigate the most common family #meal challenges!

Lindsay’s Links: (my new website url)

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Free facebook group:

BRAND NEW: Uplevel your intuitive eating and motherhood journey by joining the Intuitive Eating Moms Club. Non-diet wellness made simple for moms. Learn more about it here–>




Finding Your Voice During Pregnancy and Postpartum w/Crystal Karges

Finding Your Voice During Pregnancy and Postpartum w/Crystal Karges

graphic for crystal karges' podcast interview on embodied and well moms show

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Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and mama of four (almost 5). With a San Diego based nutrition practice, Crystal helps mamas nurture a peaceful relationship with food and their bodies at any stage of the motherhood journey. As a survivor of an eating disorder and postpartum depression, Crystal is passionate about empowering mothers to nourish themselves first, so that they may better nourish their families.

Crystal infuses both personal and professional experience into her nutrition counseling practice, with over 10 years of involvement in the fields of maternal health, child nutrition, and eating disorder recovery. By serving mothers and families through her online blog and locally, through her private practice, Crystal is committed to creating a community of strong, thriving mothers, who are learning to nourish their families’ minds, bodies, and spirits.






  • In this episode, Crystal shares about her transition to motherhood. She opened up about her experiences with eating disorder recovery, postpartum depression and how she uses those experiences to help advocate for her clients. Crystal highlights that motherhood is defined by growth and is about being adaptable and open to learning. She emphasizes the importance of learning to lean on others for support who care and understand what you’re going through.
  • Crystal talks about the pressures and frustrations that most women go through during pregnancy particularly about developing insecurities when it comes to what to eat during pregnancy, the pressure to gain a certain amount during pregnancy and the expectation to “bounce back” after baby.
  • Crystal also encourages moms to be advocates for themselves. She encourages moms to find their voice and to communicate what they need. She also emphasizes the importance of finding a support group that can help you maintain a sense of peace during the pregnancy and postpartum journey.
Realistic Postpartum Meal Prep Plan

Realistic Postpartum Meal Prep Plan


Realistic Postpartum Meal Planning

Note: Some links contained in this article are affiliate links and I have clearly indicated which are affiliate links in the article itself.

graphic advertising special discounts on meal planning software

Let’s be real. The idea of prepping meals ahead of time before baby comes is much easier said than done. I don’t know about you but when I’m in those final weeks of pregnancy the last thing my body wants me to do is to stand in the kitchen for hours cooking. Cue pain in feet, legs, hips, back…no good. However, once your sweet baby is earth-side you’re going to wish you had at least planned a bit since there isn’t a ton of time to cook between feedings, diaper changes, snuggles and your own personal recovery. I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child so I figure this is perfect timing to develop a REALISTIC postpartum meal prep plan that will not only benefit my family but hopefully yours too.

This is what I came up with…

Make ahead and freeze:

Although my husband and I have planned ahead to figure out how to have him home for a bit longer this time (3 weeks vs. 6 days) I know that I will inevitably find myself alone with a baby (and likely a  toddler) and need food that is ready to eat and extremely easy to prep (bonus if it can be consumed with one hand). However, I also know that I’m just not that mom (or dietitian) who has the energy or motivation to prep 21 postpartum meals at the end of my pregnancy. So I had to prioritize. I chose to focus on a couple of breakfast items, a killer snack option and then purchase several ready-made frozen foods to have on hand. 

Currently in my freezer:

Freezer Friendly Breakfast Sandwiches by Emily Kyle, MS, RDN*

Freezer Breakfast Burritos by Jessica Penner, RD*

*(I slightly modified both of these to suit our needs and you can easily do the same!)

Smashed Tuna Sandwiches by Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

The patties are in the freezer.

5 Ingredient Energy Bites by Chef Savvy 

These energy bites are so yummy and easy to make! Recovering from delivery and nursing can make you super hungry so these little suckers do just the trick when I’m in need of a nourishing snack that will leave me full and satisfied!

Freezer meals I purchased from Trader Joe’s:

  • Family Style Meat Lasagna (will pair with pre-mixed salad like the Broccoli and Kale Slaw Salad at TJ’s)
  • Tempura chicken, brown rice, edamame, pineapple and broccoli
  • Frozen pizza (Yup! No shame in my frozen pizza game)
  • Pad thai single meals
  • 3 x chicken burritos
  • 2 x grass-fed ground beef (to include in instant pot recipe mentioned below)

Instant Pot Recipes

I LOVE my Instant Pot (affiliate link). It’s been a lifesaver during dinner prep with my toddler so I know it will be the gift that keeps on giving when I have a toddler AND an infant making their demands while I try to get food on the table. Here are the recipes that we’ll have set up on Plan to Eat. More on Plan to Eat towards the end of this article.

Creamy Beef Pasta Shells

Oh my gah this pasta dish is SOOO easy and I’m telling you it is RESTAURANT QUALITY. You can also modify it in a thousand ways – you could do a non-creamy version or throw some zucchini and eggplant in there. The options are endless.

Instant Pot Classic Beef Chili

If it ever rains in San Diego this season, we’ll be whippin’ this sucker up for sure!

Instant Pot Artichoke Chicken Orzo

This one takes a tad more time than the others but it’s worth it!

Pressure Cooker Chicken Black Bean & Rice Burrito Bowls

We either top this with chopped bell pepper, cabbage, avocado and sour cream and include a side of chips OR use the filling to make burritos. This is great as a make-ahead and freeze meal, too!

Snacks to purchase ahead of time to stay on top of your and your children’s needs (if this isn’t your first rodeo):

  • KIND Bars (affiliate link)
  • Lara Bars (affiliate link)
  • Trader Joe’s Almond Butter Granola (OMGGGEEEE this ish is a-ma-zing)
  • Just Mango Dried Mango from Trader Joe’s (In addition to fruit leather and dried fruit bars I’m actually planning to include these as a snack early on in labor).
  • Omega-3 Trek Mix from Trader Joe’s or this Omega-3 Deluxe Mix (affiliate link)
  • Whole wheat crackers
  • Cheese sticks
  • Yogurt
  • Peanut Butter Pretzels from Trader Joe’s
  • Plantain chips from Trader Joe’s
  • Fresh fruit

Finally, the most important part of this entire meal planning process is our regular use of Plan to Eat – a software program that will seriously change your life (PROUD affiliate link). This program allows me to:

  1. Upload recipes from online or manually enter them so that they’re all in one place
  2. Create menus that I can save and re-use
  3. Generate shopping lists with the single click of a button!

Do you know what that means for postpartum meal planning? Once I make the menus, it’s done! I can generate and send that list off to my husband or another family member. I can even ask someone to use it to load into a grocery delivery system.

Use my referral link for a free 30-day trial. You can also request to be my “friend” and get access to all of my recipes and saved menus!

Even better? I have a FREE TRAINING that will teach you how to maximize the use of Plan to Eat! You’ll also be subscribed to my list

I combine my skills as a dietitian, meal planner for the masses, and experience as a mom, to help you use Plan to Eat like a pro! Once you’re on my list, you’ll also get plenty of resources for living well without being a slave to the scale.

Episode 021: Helping Parents Feel Confident With Feeding Their Children with Paige Smathers, RDN, CD

Episode 021: Helping Parents Feel Confident With Feeding Their Children with Paige Smathers, RDN, CD


Listen + Subscribe on ITUNES or STITCHER 

We’d greatly appreciate a podcast rating and review so that we can reach more mamas and families!

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Paige Smathers is a registered dietitian nutritionist in private practice in Salt Lake City, UT who specializes in helping people heal their relationship with food. She serves those who struggle with disordered eating, chronic dieting and family feeding concerns. She works individually with clients to help create sustainable and realistic solutions for well-being from a holistic perspective—mental, emotional, physical and all other areas of well-being are integrated into nutrition therapy sessions with clients pursuing nutrition and behavior changes. Paige also provides coaching for registered dietitians who want to incorporate intuitive eating and body positivity into their practice, but aren’t sure how to do it.

Serving the community at large, Paige has created a successful online course that helps bridge the gap from chronic dieting to intuitive eating. The course educates about nutrition and well-being, encourages participants to embrace where they are with their health now and in the past, and empowers participants to unlock their inner wisdom and become their own eating expert. Paige is also the proud host of a successful podcast, Nutrition Matters Podcast, which reaches tens of thousands of listeners every month. The podcast focuses specifically on intuitive eating, body positivity, and recovery from struggles with food and bodies.








  • Paige talks about the things that stood out to her with respect to food an body image. Her experience reinforced that feeling good in your own skin has nothing to do with your body size and how much you weigh.
  • She talks about her work with families and feeding. She does a fair amount of work with parents in helping them figure out the feeding relationship in a way that’s helpful for the child. She is often working one-on-one with parents in creating an environment that’s conducive for child to naturally honor those hunger cues and fullness cues and in how to be positive with food.
  • In this episode, Paige also discussed Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility in terms of the feeding relationship. According to her (and I see this too), so many of the struggles with food are a result of kids doing the adult’s job or the adults doing the kid’s job.



Educate, Embrace, Empower – is a 10-week, self-guided online course taught by a registered dietitian nutritionist that teaches you how to unlock your inner wisdom to become your own eating expert. It consists of video trainings, templates, guided exercises and worksheets designed to help you heal your relationship with food and your body.

All of the training is online, contained in the members-only course website. The information and tools in this course are the exact methods used with individual clients to help them heal their relationship with food. Online training is convenient, cost-effective and flexible. Course members can access the course material day or night and can go at their own pace.

You can go and check out her online course –




Nutrition Matters Podcast
iTunes Link:


Ellyn Satter’s Website:




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