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Mindful and Intuitive Eating Courses & Programs for Moms & Parents

I make courses and programs for moms who are ready to free themselves from the distraction of food obsession and body struggles so they can start showing up for their lives with presence and peace.

Does this sound like you?

“I ‘do great’ with food until 3pm and then all hell breaks loose – crackers, chips, my kid’s goldfish. I can’t seem to get it under control.”

“I know I should love my body or whatever. I’m just so distracted by it I can’t imagine myself accepting it. I’m worried about my kid(s) picking up on it.”

“I grew up with lots of negative food and body messages and I don’t want this for my kids. The problem is I don’t really know how to change that.”

Intuitive eating as a mom is different. Your body has changed, you’re dealing with your “stuff” while trying to be there for your kids, and feeding feels like an endless string of emotions and challenges.

Your own care feels like an afterthought except those frustrating food and body hiccups won’t quit.

A course or program specifically designed for moms and parents can help you dig deep into your experience with food, body and feeding all while holding space for the realities of parenthood.

The Basics

Time: 20 min – 3 hour mini courses


For moms who have already done some mindful and intuitive eating work and are ready to dive deeply into specific topics that are relevant now.

The Complete Program

90 Day Program


For moms who want the start to finish intuitive an eating journey. Includes everything in “the basics” and some from our family feeding collection.

The Premium Experience

Time: 6 months


  • 60 minute assessment + strategy call
  • Two 45 minute individual calls per month
  • Complete Program – All Access Pass
  • Between session support
  • Collaboration with other wellness professionals if needed
  • Payment plan available

Past Program Particpant

“I love that this program offers positive support that you can’t find anywhere else online! The supportive messages around self-care, food, movement, and more is what all mamas need to hear and aren’t. A healthy mama takes care of herself mentally and physically in the right way for her and Lindsay and the other mamas reinforce that.”

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