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About the Founder

Hi! I’m Lindsay!

But let me back up for a second…I need you to know that I’ve also been there. I haven’t always had food freedom and appreciation for my body. As a product of our diet-centric culture AND being a nutrition major, I had my own issues with disordered eating. I was on a cycle of trying to eat less only to eventually eat more and believing that there was something seriously wrong with my body for always feeling hungry and obsessed with food. I didn’t understand that trying to be a “good nutrition major” was actually causing me to feel out of control. My “aha” moment came over 10 years ago when I started owning what was happening in my body. Feeling hungry was not a defect – it was there by design and I needed to honor it. Soon after, I was introduced to the book Intuitive Eating as a dietetic intern, and I never looked back. It’s been the backbone of my professional approach ever since.

I’m your nutrition therapist & body image coach! I live in Sunny San Diego with my husband, and sons, age 4 and 1. My perfect Saturday? An afternoon with my family at our Liberty Station Public Market listening to live music while savoring some good food and a local beer.

My favorite thing in my whole (professional) world is to see that “aha” moment when a client realizes they don’t have to put up with the dieting BS any longer. I have had the privilege of witnessing hundreds of clients have those moments in my private practice office for over 7 years.

Now let’s fast forward to the birth of the Embodied Motherhood Collective

(previously The Nurtured Mama)…


I was always fascinated with maternal nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding even before I became a mom. Though shortly after I had my son, I realized the significant gap in resources for moms after birth. I remember feeling like I wasn’t getting the support I really needed but had no idea what questions to even ask. I needed professionals around me to ask the right questions, notice my behavior and check in with me…but there was no one.

I was truly in a fog. While I was used to just working harder to get through tough times, that skill set doesn’t work the same way in motherhood. I was eventually diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety and finally got the help and resources I needed…when my son was nearly 16 months old.

It shouldn’t take that long. And my story is not uncommon. While my personal struggles in early motherhood weren’t with food and body, I was aware that many moms out there were experiencing distress in that way and I knew no one was asking them about it.

I knew at that point that I wanted to fill that void, so I created Embodied and Well (formerly The Nurtured Mama). I want to eliminate that gap so that new moms are not only educated but also have the resources available to be proactive about their nutritional wellness and body image mindset after baby comes and beyond.

Now I empower mothers both in-person and virtually to be informed, listen to their bodies, to radically love and accept themselves and guide their families on this self-love journey!

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