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7 Steps to Feeling Better About the Body You're in Right Now

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Be More Present in your life

Stop letting food and body stress keep you from living the life you crave.
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Lindsay (now mama of three boys as of early 2021!) is currently re-thinking how Intuitive Eating Moms can best serve the community while raising her own family and maintaining a healthy work-life blend. She has left her family feeding course and professional materials available (see the website menu for access).

If you’re looking for nutrition services and support during your pregnancy, postpartum or your motherhood journey, please consider Lindsay’s private practice Nutrition Instincts. All RDs on the team are trained to support mothers and families with a range of specialities including: eating disorders, intuitive eating, maternal wellness, diabetes, ARFID/selective and “picky” eating in children and adults and family feeding coaching.




Eat freely. Live fully. And ditch that damn scale.

Here’s the thing mama,

You were made for more than points, pounds and perfect eating plans. You aren’t on this earth to stress over the size of your dress, plate or piece of cake.

You’re not just here to survive – you’re here to thrive!

And if you’re not ready to believe this for yourself, we know you want it for your family.

We get it, #Momlife can really shake things up.

It’s time to find a way of living well that aligns with your values of living a life full of passion, empowerment and a freedom to be authentically YOU.

Stop obsessing over “getting your body back” and start learning how to care and nurture the one you’re living in right now – because the truth is – that’s all you have and all you need.

Hi! I’m Lindsay!

I’m your family registered dietitian & body image coach! I live in Sunny San Diego with my husband, and three boys, ages 7, 3 and 7 months. My perfect Saturday? An afternoon with my family at our Liberty Station Public Market listening to live music while savoring some good food and a local beer.

My favorite thing in my whole (professional) world is to see that “aha” moment when a client realizes they don’t have to put up with the dieting BS any longer. I have had the privilege of witnessing hundreds of clients have those moments in my private practice office for over 12 years. Are you ready for a change?

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